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April 15, 2019

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The Ten Most Common Omissions on Tax Returns

  1. Use of an incorrect social security number, for yourself or dependent.

  2. Failure to use the peel-off label attached to the tax package sent by IRS. Make any corrections on label.

  3. Incorrect computations, use of incorrect method to figure tax.

  4. Failure to declare interest on "Dividends" left on deposit with insurance company as income.

  5. Failure to attached required withholding statements (Forms W-2)

  6. Failure to use correct filing status.

  7. Failure to include required attachments (such as related schedules)

  8. Failure to attach as check for any tax due, and to include all required information on your payment.

  9. Failure to claim the earned income credit when applicable.

  10. Failure to sign and date your completed form or to obtain the signature of preparer when applicable.